SF Telemote

Access, Manage and Work on all systems just with a Browser! Cloud-based remote access or systems management to reach machines anywhere – next door or in another continent. Manage Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS, Cisco systems, and IOT Devices.

SF KeyVault

SF KeyVault manages SSH Keys and Digital identities of users and machines in your organization from a single browser-based console. Provides full life-cycle management of SSH keys from generation, distribution, rotation to deletion.

SF HelpMe

Post-covid world modern IT help desk platform. Provide global support to any person, anywhere, with our SSH based secure SF cloud. No VPN needed! Start working in under 5 minutes! Supports all Microsoft Windows systems.

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SF Telemote

Access & Manage all systems just with a Browser! Cloud based remote access or systems management to reach machines anywhere – next door or in another continent. Remote computers or cloud VMs in Amazon, MS Azure, Google, IBM or Oracle Cloud – are brought to your screen with full SSH security – even those behind firewalls. Access it like you are sitting in front of it. All with a browser from any machines. No downloads necessary.

Manage Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS, Cisco systems and IOT Devices.

SF HelpMe

SF HelpMe offers a new generation digital solution to offer seamless Remote Support. A remote user can be helped or supported by providing easy access to her/his machine by a support person located anywhere in the globe. User’s systems can be in enterprises or at homes behind firewalls. HelpMe is delivered over SF cloud which is built with Microsoft Azure.

SF Key Vault

SFKeyVault manage SSH Keys and Digital identities of users and machines in your organization from a single browser based console. Provides full life-cycle management of SSH keys from generation, distribution, rotation to deletion. All with maximum security. Supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac SSH server systems. Essential for any sites using SSH and SFTP.

Our Pride

Customers & How we help

  • Alex Korolev
    McKesson currently uses Telemote product and is testing new SecureFactors cloud products for use in support and remote systems access of our medical imaging customers.
    Alex Korolev
    Systems Engineer, McKesson Change Healthcare
  • BD e-Gov CIRT teams are reviewing SecureFactors solutions and plans to enter testing for use in our national Data Center Group secure remote access and multi-factor authentication.
    Tarique Barkatullah
    Project Director, CIRT, Bangladesh Government
  • David Lapier
    Cisco has closely worked with Pragma on validating RFC 6187 support of Cisco SSH with PKI. We are delighted to demonstrate at Cisco Live, Pragma SSH client and Cisco.
    David Lapier
    Product Line Manager, Cisco​
  • Chris Lonvick
    Pragma is an excellent SSH technology provider and its solution works very well with Cisco SSH. We have worked to ensure end to end access for many common customers, including the U.S. Army.
    Chris Lonvick
    SSH RFCs main author & Ex-Director of Cisco
SF Cloud for Post-covid world
Secure Cloud.Best Tools

SecureFactors Cloud (SF Cloud) was built to deliver remote functions like Telemote and HelpMe anywhere & securely in a post-covid world so that people can work from anywhere. In fact, it can deliver any functions reliably, e.g. backups. SF Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure. It can also be hosted on AWS, Google, Oracle & IBM cloud, or a Government cloud, per customer requirements. SF Cloud offers military-grade security. FIPS 140-2 & US DoD certified SSH and cryptography are used in the communication layers for authentications, remote access and secure file transfers.

We Listen. And then we Build

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SecureFactors Corp. is a spin-off of Pragma Systems, Inc. of Austin, Texas, which has a large commercial SSH server and clients installed base worldwide and a top tier client list ( US Army, HSBC, Cisco, McKesson, Microsoft, Oracle Cloud). With SSH’s growing use in the cloud, many customers have approached us for broader cloud focused security products that centralized key management, SSH secured remote desktop access, browser based access – being three key interest areas. We listened and SecureFactors is the result of that endeavor.
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Cloud Ready

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Certified Tools

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Easy to Use

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SecureFactors has raised seed funding

SecureFactors has raised seed funding from a private investor in Houston, Texas. For the post-covid world, work from anywhere with just a browser is in big demand. SecureFactors addresses this large cloud market opportunity.

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Industry veterans join SecureFactors

Chris Lonvick, ex-Director of Cisco in Austin and Tim Wall, a serial Austin entrepreneur, has joined the Advisory board of SecureFactors.

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