SF HelpMe

SF HelpMe is a new generation digital solution to offer seamless global Remote Support from anywhere. A remote user can be helped or supported by providing easy access to her/his machine by a support person located anywhere in the world. User's systems can be in enterprises or at homes behind firewalls. HelpMe is delivered over secure SF cloud.

HelpMe allows 7x24 support of end users located anywhere. Support persons can fix desktop or server issues instantly and will have remote access to the user's machine remotely, should that be necessary and only if the user provides access permission. Users enter a ticket PIN in their HelpMe App. This PIN is generated by the support person through their HelpMe Console. This ticket PIN binds the two sides for the duration while the support person resolves the issue by text chatting with the user and if given permission, access the remote user's machine desktop screen to fix the problem. When the issues are fixed, either side can close the ticket. Access to the remote machine can be terminated by the user at any time or it gets terminated when a ticket is closed.

Support from Anywhere

Why Choose HelpMe


Access any systems, any where using HelpMe Console. No VPN is needed. SF Cloud provides the always-on connectivity fabric, even to systems behind firewalls. Support any users, whether they be in the office or at home


Be up and running in about 5 minutes! Users run HelpMe. Support persons run HelpMeConsole and generate a PIN. Users used this PIN as the incidence number to get help. Text Chat, secure file transfer, command line or machine access capabilities are all there to solve the support issue.


A User's permission is required before a remote machine can be accessed. Users can terminate his permission any time or when the task is done. All access is logged.


SF Cloud provides the security end-to-end as the support person text chats with remote user, accesses the remote machine or transfers any needed files